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Why? Why Not? Just Run!

Sunday October 24, 2021

Why not run a half marathon, full marathon or 50K on a great surface of smooth gravel that is easy on the body.  We will run on the Kirkland Corridor trail and hope for great views of Lake Washington if the weather cooperates.  For many of us this is a great chance to increase our marathon or half marathon numbers on a budget which means you need to be able to support yourself for 13 miles.  Bring a handheld or a pack to carry your water and snacks and come ready to run because there are no bathrooms at the start. Bushes a plenty for those who are comfortable with doing your business on the trail.

At the finish you will be properly feted with a woodal and special snack, TBD.
Thank you for considering this fun event to connect with other runner people. Life is short, run when you can.

20 dollars, day of race or Venmo to: Jill-Hudson-25


Jill (bcjill@msn.com)


Course Directions - Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail

Mapmyrun has a feature that if you load the link onto your phone it will show you a map and help you stay on course.  You may want to download Mapmyrun app to your phone and then load the route so you can access it on race day.


The most difficult part of the course is finding the trail.  Once you do that it is a breeze as you just stay on the trail for a single out and back for the half.  Double out and back for the full marathon and triple out and back for the 50K.

The trail starts in Bellevue.  It starts a few blocks south of the intersection of Northup Way and 120th St. NE.  There is parking at this address:  12031 Northrup Way.  However you need to go behind the building and park off 120th St. across from the BMW dealer.  As I said finding the trail is the most difficult.  After parking, walk south on 120th St NE and you will see the trail on your right.  You will be taking the gravel trail, not the paved trail.  I will be there from 7-8 AM to make sure everyone finds the trail and gets started.  My cell is 206-890-8807 if you get lost.  After 8 AM you are on your own.

There are no bathrooms at the start so plan accordingly.  There is a porta pottie just before 3 miles just off the trail at a little park.  Lots of bushes....

The trail just goes north up to Totem Lake.  There is one section that is pavement or concrete as you go through the Google campus.  There are several street crossings so push the button to cross and be safe. 

When you reach NE 124th St. you get to turn around and head back the way you came.  Just to the left at NE 124th St. is a Shell station with a BR and across the street is a Rite Aid.  NE 124th is a busy street so if you plan to get snacks at Rite Aid, use the street lights and cross at the corner.

Half marathoners get to go out and back once.  Marathoners get to do a double out and back.  50Kers get to go out a third time to the 1.25 mile marker on the left and then turn around.  The markers start at 1.25 miles onto the trail. There will be water and snacks at the start/finish and half way point of the marathon.

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