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Summer Popsicle Run

Saturday July 3, 2021

Day One of Summer Triple

Issaquah to Snoqualmie Overlook

Starting in Issaquah we get to run on the Pickering Trail and then the Issaquah Preston Trail and finally the Preston Snoqualmie Trail.  Most of the trails are paved with a long section of gravel and dirt road on the Issaquah Preston Trail.  There are some hills that you get to go both up and down as this is an out and back.  There will be pink and white painted arrows at key turns to keep you on track.  But once you are on the trails, you just run till the end of the trail.  At the end of the Preston Snoqualmie Trail take a minute or two to peek through the trees to see the Snoqualmie Falls.  We will see who gets the best photo.  Then turn around and run back.  There are several porta potties along the trails.  No porta pottie at the start so come ready to run.  I will strategically place a snack and water box near Preston (mile 8 and mile 17) so you can visit the box on the way out and the way back.  There are some convenience stores in Preston if you need something else.

This is a marathon course.  If you would like to run a half then you run from the start all the way to Preston and turn around at 6.55 miles which I have marked and return to the start.  If you want to run a 50K go out again and run to the tunnel where the 50K turnaround is marked.

After you finish we will have popsicles and otter pops to quench your thirst.



Coronavirus COVID-19 Expectations

These protocols have been put in place to keep runners and volunteers healthy and safe:

  1.  Start line will be staggered with groups of no more than five people starting from 7am-8am for proper social distancing.
  2.  Face coverings must be worn at the start, aid, finish and/or when you are less than six feet apart.
  3.  The course is open to traffic so please watch for cars, follow traffic laws and be safe.
  4.  Print and carry the map below and/or download the map on your phone as some turns will not be marked.
  5.  To register, email bcjill@msn.com your Name, Age on race day, birthdate, city, state and distance you plan to run.  (26.2, 13.1, etc.)
  6.  Please bring a donation on race day to cover our cost, suggested donation, $20.
  7.  Cutoff is 3 PM although we will provide some flexibility if needed.
  8.  You want a finisher medal?  This year we will provide you a custom Wood-al (medal) at the finish line!
  9.  Please email bcjill@msn.com if you would like to volunteer.
  10. Our final request is to run and have fun!!!


Course Directions:


Start on the Pickering Trail where 10th Ave NW and NW Sammamish Rd is next to the Veterinarian and Coffee Shack which are across the street from Costco in Issaquah. 

You can park at the Pickering Barn lot (https://goo.gl/maps/pbQ7oNewXUmeHt3GA) or at Costco.

Follow the Pickering Trail east and down under the road until you go under SE 62nd and come to a T.  Take a Left and go to 4th Ave NW.  Cross over this street at the light and go Right on the East Lake Sammamish Trail.  After a short section, before you go under I-90 turn Left onto the Issaquah Preston Trail.  Stay on this trail which parallels I-90 all the way to Preston.  Just after SE 79th the trail turns Left.  Continue on the trail by the ball fields.  After going down a very long hill you will have to cross over the Preston Fall City Road, take care.  The trail goes Right which seems counter intuitive, do it.  At the next corner go Left through a little neighborhood and at the end of the street you will go back on the trail paralleling the road.  Follow this for a bit and then up some switchbacks which brings you to the Preston Snoqualmie Trail that you will stay on all the way to the end.  Take a peak at the Snoqualmie Falls, turn around and go back the same way you ran out.


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