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Skinny Ass Baker Lake 50K

October 3, 2020 (6 AM - 4 PM)


The Baker Lake 50K is not happening this year due to COVID. Many of us love this course and want to run it anyway.

So some of us are going to run the course for the 50K, out and back. Start and finish is at Kushan Campgrounds. The course will not be marked so it will be helpful if you have run the course before or just plan on running with someone who is your same pace. I usually take 7 hours to run this so you can tag along with me if you do not know the course. There will be water only at the turnaround so bring your own snacks. For information about the course, directions to the start, and a picture of my friends on the bridge (Van and Jess) go to the Baker Lake 50K website.

Email me your intent to run and then email me evidence that you ran, a Garmin link, Strava or a picture of your watch. I will post the results (SEE BELOW). If we have 5 or more people then this will count in your Maniac stats.

My email is bcjill@msn.com

If you have COVID 19 symptoms stay home. Wear a face covering when you are near people or pass people on the trail. Do not stand close together at the start. Start anytime between 6 am and 8 am and finish before 4 pm.

Let’s have fun and run.



Maniac 535

Recovering and retired high school principal



Skinny Ass Baker Lake, October 3, 2020
50K Results Age Time
Jean-Gael Reboul 44 6:44:12
Shawn Aebi 58 7:06:30
Hannah Davenport 22 7:51:21
Jill Hudson 58 7:51:21
Scott Sebelsky 59 8:08:08
Jess Mullen 45 DNF
25K Results
Jennifer MacCormack 4:13:00
Reed Glesne 5:00:00
Lisa Switzer   5:20:00
Jeannie Arnold  5:20:00
Karen Kramer 5:20:00
Delores Feyerbend-Sentinilla 5:24:12
Lydia Guel 5:24:12
Sue Glesne  5:24:12
Betsy Rogers 5:47:13
Other noteworthy accomplishments
Hideko and Ray, 18 miles
Jess Mullen, 18 miles with a serious fall on her bum at mile 9
Matt Hagen, 18 miles, 3 lbs of mushrooms in 5:21:00
Let me know if you see any changes that need to be made, thanks for enjoying the trails!