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May Day Skinny Ass 50

Saturday May 1, 2021

We will have three options, a 50 miler and a 50K and half marathon.  All races will start at the far end of the Arboretum near Madison Street.  Park in the parking lot nearest the Seattle Japanese Garden off Lake Washington Blvd. Then walk up to the start of the trail near Madison St.  There may be parking on the street near the start in a neighborhood.  There is a Shell Station right at the start hopefully they will let us use their bathroom if needed.  Otherwise there are a lot of porta potties due to construction along the course.

We are hopeful to have a couple of aid stations along this route as it is a long way around the lake.  We will likely have two snack boxes with drinks and snacks at the 10 mile and 20 mile mark and then roving aid for the 50 milers between 30 and 40 miles.  However know that there are no guarantees, you may just have to buy what you need at local stores of which there are plenty.


Coronavirus COVID-19 Expectations

In order to keep everyone healthy and safe please follow these expectations:

  1. Start in small groups of no more than five people sometime between 7-8 AM.
  2. Wear a face covering at the start and finish and anytime you encounter others and cannot be six feet apart.
  3. None of these courses are closed.  So please follow the traffic signals and be safe.  Also, the course is lightly marked so either download the map on your phone to follow or follow the directions provided once you register.
  4. To register, email me your Name, Age on race day, birthdate, and city you are from.  Indicate which distance you want to run.   Bcjill@msn.com
  5. We should all be finished by 3 PM.  (50 milers finish before dark). Please send me your time and evidence you ran the course, GPS, Strava, etc.
  6. Suggested donation, $20. I will have a wood-al (metal) for you when you finish.
  7. Run and have fun!


There is a lot of construction on the route, follow detour signs and white and pink arrows. (I ran out of pink paint, ☹)

Course Directions 50K route:
Follow the Map My Run route.

The 50K route takes you through the Arboretum and then north by Husky Stadium and north on the Burke Gilman Trail all the way up to Kenmore.  Once in Kenmore you make a Right turn on 68th Ave NE.  This will take you up the famous hill called Juanita Drive.  Just stay on the side of the street facing traffic all the way up this 1.5 mile hill.  Once at the top it will be about 3 miles down a winding hill to Juanita Park in Kirkland.  Take a Right on 98th Ave NE and follow the street onto a trail that takes you back to Market St.  Continue following Market St. up and over the hill to downtown Kirkland.  You will go Left on Central Way briefly and Right on Lake St.  Stay on Lake St. as it turns into Lake Washington Blvd.  Take a Right on NE Points Drive and this will take you to the 520 bike trail.  Follow the trail over the 520 bridge.  When you get to the end of the trail you want to go right and back under 520 over to the Arboretum.  Follow the trail back through the Arboretum to the finish.

Course Directions for 50M route:
Follow the Map My Run route.

Follow the directions above for the 50K route and instead of going over 520 you will go Left on Northup Way past Burger Master and a right on 108th Ave NE.  Stay on the left side of the road facing traffic as the road turns into 112th.  At some point you will have to cross the road to the other side to be on the sidewalk.  Continue heading south through Bellevue.  Take a Left on SE 6th Ave.  Go Right on 118th Ave SE. This will take you under I-90.  Continue on 118th Ave SE.   118th Ave SE turns into Lake Washington Blvd, take a Right onto the trail before you go past I-405.  Parts of the new trail are closed for paving so follow the road and then the trail all the way to Renton.  Right before you get to Gene Coulon Park you want to pop off the trail up to the Lake Washington Blvd.  If you do not it is okay you will just have to run on some old railroad tracks and eventually get up to the road when there is a lovely little trail for you.  Take a Right on N. Southport Drive.  This turns into Logan Ave. N.  Go by the stadium, across the bridge and turn Right E. Perimeter Rd. and then a sharp Left on the same road which will take you through the Renton Airport.  After a little over a mile of running there will be a chance for you to exit the airport and up onto Rainier Ave, take a Left and then a Right to do this.  Take a Right onto Seward Park Ave S.  As you are nearing Seward Park, take a Right on S. Juneau street and a Left onto Lake Washington Blvd.  Follow Lake Washington Blvd past Leschi Park and Madrona Park and head up the hill.  Keep following the winding road, Lake Washington Blvd. back to the Arboretum.  Be careful as the winding road does not have much of a shoulder.  If there is no sidewalk, run on the left and face traffic.

Half Marathoners will run in the lovely Arboretum and head a few miles up the Burke Gilman to mile 6.55 and then return to where they started.


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