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Ride to Walk 100

September 18, 2021


Two half brains make one whole one

After running a while with no sleep you kinda don’t have full access to your brain.  Fortunately if you are traveling with someone else in the same shape you can combine the half brains to make one fully functioning brain.  Then you laugh at your silly selves.  Giggle giggle.

100 miles in 26:38
42nd race of a hundred or more miles
2nd woman and last woman in the hundred mile race
Jess won the 24 hour with 109 miles
Lots of smelly horse poop, stinky course

Ride to walk course is on a horse ranch in Lincoln, CA just outside of Sacramento.  The ranch provides rides for disabled students with neurological issues.  The course has a lot of turns and some uneven ground so it is tough on the feet.  It was hot on Saturday, 80s, rained Saturday night, then hot again on Sunday.  But the most memorable part of the course was the smell.  This horse ranch had lots of horses that were whizzing and pooping all day and oh the smell was icky.  On the course for about 300 feet you run along the trail that is right next to a big pile of horse manure.  Smelly poop each and every lap, there was no escape of the odors until we left the ranch.

I was hoping to finish around 24 hours as Jess was entered in the 24 hour race and I was in the hundred mile race.  I wanted to finish around the same time as she did so she wouldn’t have to wait too long.  But you never know how your day is going to go.  The course, weather and how you are feeling that day determines a lot.  As it heated up in the afternoon I was hoping when it cooled down I could run a bit faster as I slowed in the afternoon heat.  Even with the rain it was still quite warm overnight.  Goals adjusted.  I’ll finish when I finish and did not want to lallygag.  

I worked hard running when I could and walked when I needed to.  I could sense my feet were getting thrashed but I didn’t want to take time to clean them and change socks so I just ran.  Result?  There were four large blisters that were impressive.  Two different people took pictures of them as they were quite a sight.

For the first time ever during a hundred I actually took a nap.  I think substitute administration took it out of me for the last two weeks…or I’m just getting old.  I was staggering a bit at night and when that happens it usually means I need caffeine.  Well even after caffeine I couldn’t walk or run straight.  So I set my timer on my phone for 15 minutes and sat in our rental car with seat reclined and I actually slept for about ten minutes.  It worked as I had no problems for the rest of the night.

Jess finished and I had a couple more hours till I finished.  She found a Starbucks and brought back real food and a mocha and it was like jet fuel.  I finished, had my ugly cry, and they gave me a choice of a sweet buckle.

I got nervous before the race and had butterflies in my stomach. I’m glad that happens for 100s as it no longer happens for marathons and 50Ks. This nervousness went away as I settled into the run.  I took a little tumble early on and got real dirty, didn’t hurt as I’m already low to the ground, but I’ll have a bruise on my hip for a while.  I felt confident during the race that I would finish.  It was more about how long it would take.  A positive attitude takes you a long way.  When I got a little down I would smile and positivity came back.  The race director and volunteers were very supportive.   They had Ice cold water all day and night long.  The course, smelly.  I listened to two short books and lots of music.  I got to chat with Marie and Susan and catch up.  Socializing is a big part of this run thang.  Thanks Jess for taking care of me at the end, especially for the half brain loan.

I still find it amazing what I ask my body to do and how it continues to complete these events.  I feel very fortunate and am grateful of how well my body puts up with these experiences. So let’s see how many more of these are possible.  Run and have fun!


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