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Pigtails 100

May 26, 2012

First attempt at a “real” 100.  I was scared of this race as there was some elevation gain and hills are not my specialty.  I had planned to run with Linda and things didn't work out that way.  I started too fast with my friend Katy.  I was determined to get a faster time than my ATY time.  But mainly I wanted that cute pig buckle and of course to get that I had to finish.  The gravel tore up my feet and I tried to work on them but I didn't know what I was doing and probably made things worse.  I started fast and had a lot of cush time but what ended up happening is that on the last two laps I had to walk a lot and the last lap I had to do in my sandals because of so many blisters, this meant that everybody and their brother passed me and I ended up with a slower time than expected, 27:06, still over an hour faster than ATY.  I just have to learn how to fix my feet or take better care of them as these ultras cause massive blisters especially on those little toes....

One fun thing that I experienced during this race was seeing several pairs of opposums at 2 AM.  I was going up a hill that was right next to the road.  As I bobbed my head back and forth I saw some eyes glaring back at me.  When I looked up it was as if two pairs of eyes or a pair of opossums were coming toward me.  I would look to the left at them and they would duck into the woods only to find another pair of eyes coming toward me.  This went on a few times and I was wondering where were all these opossums coming from.  In my mind I knew that they were not animals coming at me but my eyes were playing tricks on me.  At the top of the hill I finally realized it was the reflectors on the road, coming at me two by two that were my opossums.  Funny what you can see in the middle of the night at a 100 mile run.

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