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Nanny Goat 100

May 28, 2022, Riverside, CA


26:50, 2nd woman, only 3 of 11 women finished the 100 race
50th 100 miles or more finish
Fun trip with my very supportive friend Katy!

Not sure I really want to write a report with all that is going on in our world.  I was shook by yet another school shooting, one so soon after a grocery store shooting.  When will this stop?  How are students supposed to learn when they are afraid at school?  Really, how many assault rifles does an 18 year old need? If our government thinks it’s okay to control womens’ lives then by all means control peoples access to weapons.  We have to do better in our society. There is much to work on.
I also recently lost a family member suddenly.  So young, so unnecessary.   It was a tough week.  So my coping strategy is as always to run and think it through.

I listened to a book during this race, This is Vegan Propaganda, (And other lies the meat industry tells you), by Ed Winters.  There is much for us to do to help save ourselves and our planet.  I am not vegan or plant exclusive because of caring for animals and this book confirmed that although what we do to animals is terrible, it will be the end of us from both from a health perspective and by our next pandemic. But that is another post…

The story of this race was that I was thinking a lot about the loss of a family member and the kids in Uvalde.  Nanny goat is a easy peasy mostly dirt trail around a farm.  I was running well and got distracted, fell and hurt my quad, in fact I landed smack dab on it and it stung. Big swelling, thought I might have to DNF, so I iced it three times, got some advice, and ran on.  This happened at mile 34 or 35, the next 13 miles we’re jiggly.  Lots of fluid around the bruise, weird to run.  So Katy and some other runners helped me ice again and wrap it and that felt better for about 40 miles.  The last ten miles were just walking as it hurt too much.

Falling really ruins your day. It hurts and you have to concentrate on what you can do to not add further damage.  I will tell you the compression wrap reduced the swelling quite nicely and now I have a striped leg, kinda looks zebra like.

More icing and another compression wrap and I should be able to heal up. Katy is a great friend and helped a lot, glad she was with me.

Now let’s get back to working on the issues of our society.  I may be more fervent in my opinon (and share that opinion) about plant exclusive whole food eating.  I want my family and friends to live not just long lives but healthy lives where you feel great about being alive.
And we need a world where womens rights, gay rights, everyone’s rights are not something we have to fight for.

Safety in schools, churches, stores and everywhere needs help, 50 senators should not be able to hold hostage 90% of the people who want gun control.

Students have to feel safe to learn and they need to learn critical thinking skills so they can tell when people are lying, so they can assess the evidence.  People who are saying that the school shootings are not real and staged are not being truthful.  Students, our future citizens need to be able to think critically and analyze data so they are not duped by the lies. Lies about climate change, lies about the meat and dairy industry and lies about guns.

We have to stop subsidizing meat, dairy and eggs.  The antibiotics that they feed the animals are making the animals resistant to disease, those diseases transfer from animal to animal and some eventually transfer to humans and then you get a pandemic.  Not quite that easy but you get the idea and Covid 19 was only a level 2 of pandemic on a scale of 1-5.  The money used to support farmed animals should go to people who want to grow vegetables. Eating animals, dairy and eggs is getting us sick, keeping us sick and causing more and more disease (e.g. bird flu, all the flus) that will eventually kill us all.  So eat vegetables and other real whole food to save yourself and our planet.

Just thought those topics were more important to share than the miles on my feet.  Thanks for reading my thoughts and words.


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