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Jackpot 48 Hour Run in Las Vegas

February 14-16, 2020

Seattle Sweep, Amy at 190, Jess at 165

Me at 148 miles, 3rd woman, 5th overall, 100 miles in 25:54

Last time I ran at Jackpot I ran 133 miles and knew that I could have gotten more so that is why I came back.  I ran well during the day in the sun and it was fun because there were a lot of smiley and happy runners on the course.  I think that is one of the reasons I like loops, you get to see everyone all the time and encourage each other and watch the race at the front unfold.  Early on I thought I was in 5th or 6th place and so I knew my goal was to get more than 133 and not worry about the others.  After 20 miles in these races I start to feel really good.  I’m not quite sure why but maybe it has something to do with my glycogen stores used up and my body switching over to fat burning, whatever it is I get a boost after 20 miles.  The sun was fantastic and we had a light breeze so it was cool enough to not get too hot as you know Seattle ites  don’t melt in the rain we melt in the sun.

That evening I called my family so they could tell me about their day.  This is a nice treat during a multi-way event.  When my husband got on the phone he was excited and told me I was in second place.  I swore.  I don’t like to be in those places early on as it is a long race and competing against others messes with my head and kinda ruins my race. Besides Jess was going out easy as she does and then she always has a solid second half.  So I told myself to focus on me.  This is selfish but this is my race and when I focus on my goals of getting a big number, bigger than 133, I do much better at taking care of myself.

I stayed in my running skirt as long as I could as it got colder.  Being a bit cold makes me run more and faster to stay warm.  This worked well into the evening and at about 75-80 miles I decided to change into capris and changed socks and shoes. It felt good to sit as I hadn’t all day.  A couple of blisters in the usual places, I chose to drain them by poking a pin through the tape.  This is the lazy method as it takes less time but does the job.  Up and on my feet again.  I had been using liquid calories for most of the day and that works well for me.  However during a warm day when you drink so much... Ugh you have to use the BR a lot during the night and so I went and went and went.  Good thing I can squat well as I had a lot of pee to get out. Oh the joys of running.

The sunsets and sunrises at Jackpot are incredible as they show off the sky and the mountains well.  We had great weather which doesn’t always happen.  People still talk about the year it rained for 20 some hours and the course was yucky in the rocky section.  I still hate the rocky section right at the end of the 2.5 mile loop, not because it is rocky but because of the slant you have to run on. I just don’t like it for 59 times.  So if and when I come back to this race I’m doing the short course, the course the USTAF runners used as they don’t get the joy of the nasty rocky section.

I like to stay up all night during the first night as I have tried to sleep before and it does not work, so why bother and waste time.  During the second night I like to try to sleep, I laid down for an hour, didn’t sleep but felt rested.  Also during the second night my feet were talking to me, the kind of talk that tells you to sit and rest with your feet up each lap.  And so I did.  I only rested for 3-10 minutes but it so helped, or at least in my head it helped.  One time, I would say for about 20 minutes or so I sat in a chair with my feet up and I must have slept for ten minutes  by the fire.   When I got up I felt like a million bucks and had a great lap.  Yes, only ten minutes of sleep in a 48 hour.  I usually can get by with that.  Now that doesn’t mean I’m coherent or can have a conversation or keep track of what I’m listening to on my iPod, but I can put one foot in front of the other and stay on course and that is what matters.

At some point I was tired of eating and drinking the second night so I stopped.  When pizza arrived I gobbled a couple of slices yum.  I always seem to have a big belly at the end of these events.  I am sure I’m not eating a lot compared to the calories I’m burning but do drink a lot of water and liquid calories.  After about three to four days after the race I pee a lot and lose the belly.  If anyone has a cure for big Buddha belly after a race let me know.

So late in the race it looked like a Seattle Sweep for the gals.  Amy and Jess had it locked up for first and second.  I had someone on my tail in fourth and didn’t want to screw up the sweep.  She was only 6 laps behind me.  Susan reminded me that six laps is not six miles but instead 15 miles.  I still kept walking and racking up the laps, no one, especially me was going screw up that sweep.

Near the end of the race they give you a popsicle stick with your number on it and you can go out and get partial lap mileage.  The 59th lap would put me at 147.5, just not a good number to stop at so I walked out a half mile to get 148, silly runners doing silly stuff.  Of course I had to walk back another half mile.  I got there in time to see the last runners finish.  We took some pictures.  Awards were given, we took some more pictures.  Lots of happy and giggly sleepy runners.  That’s what we do, together, it’s fun.

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