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Hamster 32 Hour at Lake Padden

August 13, 2016

100 Miles in 29:20

These runs are never easy, perhaps that is why we do them and they are always better with friends.

18th hundred or more miles, only the third one in Washington state.  I usually go out of state for these events, so when I consider quitting I won't because it was awfully expensive and time consuming to just get to the event, I better darn well finish.  I like Lake Padden and used to go there to run Wild Thing, a race where after each 2.6 mile loop you got to complete a feat (think jumping jacks, cartwheel, push ups, jump in the lake, etc.) all while wearing a dress and doing enough loops for a marathon.  We giggled a lot during that event, thanks Diana.  I like Lake Padden because one day in 2011 I ran for 12 hours and did 52 miles on that summer day and chatted and laughed with Marilou. 2011 was the first year for the Hamster race and my quads were trashed at the end of that race, I vowed never to come back.  I still like Lake Padden even though going 39 times around for 101.4 is not all that fun, enjoyable though.  You get to watch the day unfold, close and unfold the next day.  As you do loop after loop, the park people come to set up their picnic area, blow up air toys, go swimming, play games, grill food, clean up and go home.  Each lap kind of takes you through a day at the park, although you can't stay for the good eats or jump in the lake for a swim because you get to keep getting loopy running round and round.  By the way I don't feel like a hamster on a wheel.  I have done many more loops on shorter courses. This loop at Lake Padden, all 2.6 miles is quite beautiful, especially the shady and hilly section on the back side.

With temps in the 80s I really appreciated the shady sections.  A cool breeze also was welcomed.  I wore a visor the first day was able to squirt ice cold water on my head to keep myself cool, still it was hot.  Usually when the sun goes down it coôls off.  I was still in my short sleeve shirt and skirt and it didn't get cool until about 4 am.  Sun was starting to come up when it finally got cool enough to put a long sleeve on.  Of course I brought too many clothes.  Last race I remember not having my down coat.  Well I brought it this time, never to use it.

Fortunately I was able to get a ride up to the race from Deb.  We didn't talk too much about what we were going to run as we were both signed up for the 32 hours.  Getting a ride from Deb was the best choice.  I knew that if I stopped I would just have to wait for Deb to finish so I might as well just run.  This helped me stay out there on course when I wanted to stop.   Deb wasn't 100% and was contemplating stopping at 52 miles.  She was wise and didn't turn in her number meaning if she decided to she could run some more.  She checked on me as I was having a low moment.  I had some caffeine and off I went.  Coca Cola, the nectar of the gods, or some other saying by Matt.  (What was that saying?). Deb slept in the car for a while.  The next time I saw her she was ready to walk with me.

We walked and talked the last 7 or 8 loops together.  At this point I did want to stop but of course I had gone too far to quit now.  I would just have to grind it out.  Because of the heat and the hills and the tender toes we walked and shuffled a little.  We got to see the park unfold for another day.  Deb was pleased that she stuck around and got out to do more laps.  70 plus miles was her second longest run ever. Nice work Deb.

The details.  I drank a lot the first day because of the heat.  In my pack I have been using one bottle of water and the other Nuun.  This is working well for me.  Although I had to pee a lot, and I mean a lot through the night and the next day.  I ate some honey chews and a couple of toasted cheese quarters with quacamole.   No cramps even though the weather was quite warm.  I remember eating most of my food in meals when I changed my socks at 26, 52, and 78 miles.  They gave us breakfast for dinner, with scrambled eggs and bacon and pancakes, yum.   I think I do better eating less but when I haven't eaten for a while, food makes me feel good, rather than gels.  Of course I forget to take care of myself in certain lower extremities, so some chafing was quite bothersome. Deb saved the day with some butt cream and I survived.  A new bra and no chafing around the girls, happy!  Why did I ever use those bras with the clasp in the back, they always dug into my back and gave me the worst sores and they cost so much.  No more of those for me.  Even though I changed socks and cleaned and lubricated my toes every 25 or so miles, I still got a little blister on my right pinky toe.  Draining a blister and taping a toe at 3 am is quite interesting.  Luckily I had my glasses so I could actually see what I was stabbing with a safety pin and there was a great volunteer to help. (I use an alcohol wipe to sterilize things before I stab.)  My big toes both got blisters under the nails.  I guess this can't be helped as it happens often for me. Even with bigger shoes my toes just don't appreciate the pounding. 

My music device was not working after the first few hours.  I switched to my backup but it only had books on it, so Tina Fey and Bossy Pants went around the lake for a few laps with me.  Giggle giggle.  Then it was okay not to have anything in my ears.  I looked for shooting stars and enjoyed the view of the moon and the lake, quite a beautiful spot for a romp in the woods.  People say that doing loops must be boring.  Every time around that lake I saw something new and something comfortable that I had seen before.  Talking with people, sharing stories and goals is what we do when we run miles and miles, together with friends we can accomplish great feats.  Thank you running friends for your support and encouragement.  Thank you Deb for everything!  Thank you Hamster team for supporting us runners, great venue for a wonderful experience of loopiness.

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