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Hamster 32 Hour Endurance Run

August 12, 2023

41 laps or 106.6 miles, 2nd woman
62nd hundred

This was my fourth 32 hour hamster, tied my highest mileage.  Wanted to get one more lap but still pleased with my effort.  Warm two days however there was a nice breeze off the lake.  They had ice and when I used my ice cot around my neck the warm weather didn’t seem to bother me.  I always seem to chaffe a lot at this race, not sure why but the girls took the brunt of it this year. Fortunately I had some neosporin and put some on about 80 miles in and that really helped.

Hamster is like a local partay for NW runners however this year we had some people from out of town and they enjoyed getting happy hamster loopy.  During the first day of the event the 6 and 12 hour runners zip by us and make it look so effortless.  On day two after 8 am when the 24 hour runners have finished it is quite quiet on the loop.  Mostly just local people with dogs and bikes and everyone out there to get a loop or two.  Some people ask how long is the race and when you say 32 hours and I started yesterday at 8 am, they are not sure what to say.  It’s okay, you get used to people looking at you funny.  Then there are the local runners you saw yesterday getting their two or three loops in and they give you the knowing nod as they saw you yesterday and they had a whole day and night away from Lake Padden and you are still there running and walking. They are very encouraging and call you awesome and inspirational and you think, I’m just a happy hamster.

For some reason the first 15 -20 miles of the last few events have been icky for me.  I guess I just can’t find my groove until I get into the 20s. Not sure why, I used to think it is when I have exhausted my glycogen stores and switch to fat burning, but I don’t know.  Seems like an awful long warm up.  It is especially annoying during a marathon or 50k, because I don’t feel great until I’m almost done. After the first 20 miles at Hamster I got in my groove and ran some, walked some and had a great time.  Very positive attitude for the most part and when something hurt I just took a couple deep breaths and thought about something else.  Nothing really hurt until the last few loops, at that point my feet were talking to me, five minutes in the lay back chair elevating my feet did the trick.  I didn’t change socks or shoes, just kind of lazy and thought my feet would be okay.  I only got three wee blisters, one each on my pinky toes which is usual.  So my feet survived.  Now the tingles are zapping me every once in a while.  I think that is when the nerves in the feet come back to life after a pounding that is a hundred miles.

Gretchen and her team support us silly runners well and they are so encouraging that you just have to put it all out there.  Folks, this is a 32 hour race so you can stop at 100 miles, which on a the hamster course is  a 101.4 because the loops are 2.6 miles long.  If you do stop just know that some of us will keep going until time runs out.  So far this has served me well at hamster, a loop or two extra usually gets me on the podium. I have finished, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, and 1st.

We had a special celebration at this years hamster, Van completed her 100 x 100 miles.  So of course we had to have cake and other party stuff.  I was late to the party so Van and I walked a bonus lap together.  We talked about our day, and night and day, and just caught up on things.  I was making some sounds because that is what I do at the end of these events, heavy signs, oh, ow, burp, fart, the usual. She asked if I was okay and I said that I make noises. Then I heard a few noises from her mostly heavy sighs.  It is what we do.  Congrats to you Van on your incredible accomplishment. 100x100 but really 112 with 12 unofficial 100s and almost twenty 200s. Dang girl, you rock and run and roll.

Fortunately I have a very supportive husband and he agreed to pick me up.  He arrived just in time to walk with me on my last lap, the lap that would move me from 3rd to 2nd place with over an hour to accomplish.  How could I just sit there? So I took my five minute rest with my feet up and then off we went, one more time.  Last time I was at hamster I slowed my roll so I would not have enough time to do one more lap. This year I felt happy to get er done.  Besides it gave me a chance to say goodbye to those silly hills and all the sights you see on the hamster loop.

Some data:
Two shooting stars
Half in 2:40, Marathon 5:48, 50k in 7:03, 50 mile in 12 hours
100 in 28:29
101.4 in 29:48, but really 103 miles
106.6 miles, my watch 109
Silly gps does not like the woods at Lake Padden

I’m probably gonna do this again so…
UCAN and Nuun x3, 4 gels
Hummus and avocado wrap
Two Oreos, double stuff
Frozen waffle from Stef, yum
Cup o noodles
Two pieces of veggi pizza
4 peanut M&M s
Three amazing rice balls
Pancake with Nutella
Pepto bismal tabs x3

I guess I could have eaten more, but it’s more fun to carry stuff for 100 miles, haha

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