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Canal Corridor 100

October 8, 2022


Akron, OH

24:08, First Female Senior Grandmaster
53rd race of 100 miles or more

Falling Leaves
This was a difficult race to mentally prepare for as I kept thinking about a runner friend we lost this week.  Rob B was not a close friend but someone you could always count on for a smile and encouragement at races.  He was a gentle soul and I thought of him at the beginning of this race and as I saw the leaves fall from the trees.  We had some really nice colors of leaves during the race and I often thought about how wonderful it would have been to see Rob coming towards me on one of the out and backs .  At one point the wind was blowing just enough for the leaves to fall from the trees and the path was right next to the canal, a beautiful scene.  You would recognize Rob coming toward you as he had a distinct running form and when he got close you would see a bright smile. Just as bright as all the colored leaves.  Rob will be missed.

So my mental preparation was just not there for this race.  I usually visualize the finish and practice my mantra for when the going gets tough.  I just could not stop being sad right before the race with Rob on my mind.  I had a Sri Chinmoy quote for the race that helped me get started.  “When I am weak, I think of others’ capacities. When I am strong I think of my own yet unnoticed capacities.” So I started running and saw my friend Jess ahead  for the first 10-11 miles and that pulled me into the race.  Along the canal you could see people ahead of you for long stretches of time.  It helped to see my strong friend Jess in my sights.

Canal Corridor is known as a flat fast race on pavement and crushed limestone.  It is flat and the fall colors were wonderful especially along the canal.  Flat except of course for the last two miles (uphill).  I had a good race and held it together for 90 miles.  I kind of faded at the end and tried to push it in.  Just a bit past the 24 hour mark but did beat the second sunrise.  My watch said 23:35 at 100 miles and I ended up with 102 miles total in 24:05.  I do love the flat courses so will have try again for an official sub 24 now that I’m sixty.

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