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Across The Years 48 Hour

December 30, 2017

BHAG and B.B.

Fun time with friends
5th 48 Hour Race 
Highest mileage at this venue in 48 hours, 148 miles
1000 mile jacket earned at 93 miles into the race
300th marathon/ultra
Fun time with friends

Food, you can eat a lot during one of these events so it is good to have a venue that does so well with the food.  ATY had variety and did not run out and had a lot of vegan options.  Here is the list that gave me a B.B., Buddha belly and powered me through my miles.
UCAN. (I brought with me)
Nuun (I brought with me)
Hummus wraps
Sushi (first time in seven years I actually got some, yum)
Bean burger
Rice and broth
Coke, Gatorade
Nuts and Xmas cookies (I brought with me)
Hot chocolate
Vegan quesadilla, 3 quarters
Egg and potato wrap
Egg and potato wrap, yum 
Chick pea sandwich, yum yum
Vege pizza, 2
Cake at New Years, celebrating Rick
Vegan cheese quesadilla, 2 quarters
Scrambled eggs
Lots of water

Big Hairy Audacious Goal
What I call putting up a big number.  ATY changed the game a little this year and will include all of the runners in the competition not just the ones who finish by New Year’s Day.  This meant that if you finished before New Year’s Day you had the chance of someone seeing your final mileage and outdoing you.  We were to finish on New Year’s Day, therefore you want to put up a big scary number to persuade runners that come after to not bother to go that far.  Big number turned into BHAG somehow in the middle of the second night, a lot of weird things materialize that night with sleep derivation.  

So during my attempts at 200 miles I missed it twice and found that reaching a big hairy number could be satisfying.  So I translated that to this year.  Towards the end of the race I was quite sleepy as I am not able to sleep much during a 48hour race.  I was staggering and came upon a fast walker and asked if I could walk with her.  She happened to be leading the 48 Hour in first place and I was in second.  She said yes and we walked and talked and got to know each other.  That is how we roll at ATY.  Most races would not find competitors helping one another.  She helped me and later I was able to help her.  All good fun.

People say you should have a A goal, B goal and C goal.  With this race I had multiple goals which really made the experience memorable.  First of all my friends were going to be there.  Now I have some incredible friends who will run a 100 just to see me reach my 1000 miles.  Yes incredible and a little bit eccentric friends.  The NW came to ATY in strength this year.  Many people decided to join in the fun to see Rick get his buckle and hit 500 marathons or ultras.  This made the event more of a new years party than ever before.  

As for multiple goals for the event, I wanted to reach 93miles to earn my 1000 mile jacket.  I also wanted to put up a big number for the 48 Hour race.  I had done 48 hours three times before at ATY and the top mileage I have is 132 miles.  So anything farther than that would be a PB and feel good.  Finally I was interested in placing in the event as I always appreciate Burke Painters artwork as awards.  Of course we would have fun getting loopy and catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.  That is really what ATY is all about.

As far as numbers my A goal was a pb for 48 hours, anything above 151.
My b goal was above 132.  My c goal was 100.  So I am very pleased with crushing my pb at ATY with 148 miles.  Saying crushing is much more satisfying than typing it.

Funny thing this year is I did not care which direction we were going nor when I ran or walked. Previously I would walk at two points during each loop.  I would also have feelings about the direction of the race.  One direction seemed to be easier.  The course no longer controlled me as I was invincible.  It was just a path to stay on and run as much as you could and walk fast for as long as you lasted.    I have natural milestones that I like to reach at certain times.
Marathon in under five hours
50k in six hours
50 miles in under 11 hours
100k in 15 hours
75 in whatever it takes
100 in under 30
I met all these goals and you can tell if you look at my pace as I slow down to enjoy a treat at each milestone.  Now a treat does not necessarily mean food, a treat could be five minutes with you feet up or going to the real br versus the Porta pottie.  I learned about these treats from my friends.  Thanks Sue for the “treat” rule.

I met the goals at the end because there is this chick named Susie who always makes me go faster and complete more miles than planned.  At one point in the race I was hiding from her as I didn’t want to move that fast.  It is difficult to hide from her on a loop course especially when your car (aid station) is parked right next to you.  I had a few blissful laps without her and then the torture happened.  She ran my ass off to help me reach one extra mile, as I didn’t want to finish on an odd number.  Aren’t friends great.  Sometimes you hide from them and sometimes you want them there beating you up.  Thanks Susie.

I have another Sue friend, Susan.  She was parked on the other side of me and she always inspires me to get out there and run.  She is often found in her car which I succumbed to last year.  So thank you Susan for reminding me not to spend so much time in my car.  Thank you for also entertaining Rick and everyone with all of your dancing energy.

So will I go back to ATY, definitely ....maybe...I would like to try some different races during that time of the year.  I do see myself sometime trying a six day.  I am inspired by those ladies in their 60s and 70s doing so well at six days, I must try it sometime.

Have big hairy audacious goals and you can reach them with a little help from your friends.

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