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Across The Years - 48 Hour

December 30, 2016

Lessons - Learn something new each race 

I was hoping to set a PR at this race by running more than 151 miles.  I started off running with Karen B and things were smooth.  It was a little hot in the afternoon and that forced me to just rely on liquid calories which was fine.  Then I got hungry and the only thing that looked good was hot dogs.  I never thought I would eat a hot dog during or after a race but they are surprisingly good.  I had some mustard and ketchup and a sliced pickle on it.   All good flavors when it is hot out.  I ate this dog after six hours of running when I took a break to change socks.  I was running well before the hot dog but after I had to slow down to try to digest it.  Took me two hours before my stomach felt better.  Lesson number one, even though you are hungry and the food is good, eat small amounts.  Don't inhale a whole hot dog in less that a minute while running.

The next 25 miles were a struggle.  When I reached 50 another sock change was necessary.  I had a nasty blister on my usual right pinkie toe.  Seems like this toe is my nemesis.  I have often thought that it should just be removed, yes the whole toe.  It fits snugly under the toe next to it and this is why there is always issues with it.  So while changing socks, I drained the blister and taped my toe.  When I tried to put on the next pair of toe socks they would not go over the tape job.  So off comes the sock for the pinkie toe.  I just cut it off.  The tape job looked like it would hold so off I went.  Lesson number two modify your equipment when necessary.

Fifty miles took me over 12 hours. Not great.  On this course previously I would usually do 50 miles in a little over ten hours so at this point I began adjusting my goals.  I would now shoot for 100 and see what kind of time is left after that.  

Rain rain go away, seriously come again another day.  I ran through the first storm and just as I was thinking about changing clothes and hanging out in my car, the rain stopped so I kept running to dry off a little.  The first night of rain just made the course get icky.  The rain wasn't too bad but the course was no fun.  I took a little nap as I had lots of time with my new adjusted goal.  So I was just out to have fun with friends and whatever mileage I get is okay.  This was a great way to experience this race.  I listened to a book on audible and got through the night by supporting others and chatting along the way.  Lesson number three, relax and enjoy the miles.

Gosh golly this 100 is taking forever.  What I realized was that this year and two years ago I just didn't have my mojo with me at ATY. Why? Because I ran a hundred in November in those years.  Last year when I had a great ATY I had run my fall hundred in October.  Lesson number four, I need at least 8 weeks to fully recover from a hundred.  No more fall 100s in November if I want to do well at ATY.

After I got to a 100 I took a wee nap and then got back out before New Years so I could get in some bonus laps before the next predicted deluge of rain.  I wasn't all that worried about the impending rain, I just didn't want to slip and slide in the mud that it would create.  I enjoyed some laps and friends and wished everyone happy new year.  I watched the beer mile and then got myself back in the car before the rain started.  It rained for six hours.  Luckily I didn't need to go to the BR while it was raining so I stayed dry.  When it finally stopped raining I got out there for more bonus laps.

I woke up Susan and we hobbled around until the end.  We watched Barb, 82 year old get her 100.  Tough old broad, hope to be moving as well as she is at her age.  Karen B helped Barb the last few hours and Karen did win the 48 hour with an adjusted goal of 140 miles (she was hoping for 160-170).  Susan and I dodged puddles and then couldn't.  In places on the course it was covered by water and there was no dodging, you just had to walk straight through the water and mud.  Of course it rained for the last 30 minutes so we got soaked. The wind chilled us.  Susan said this will make the warm shower when we finish feel better.  We both finished our extra half lap as our cars were on the other side of the course.  We drove to shower and yes the hot shower was good.  Susan was quite the inspiration during this event.  Usually there are multiple Susans but she was it this year.  She was positive and funny and went out in the rain to get more laps to secure third place.  It was fun to share the course with her.

I am feelin like I should have done more miles.  Likely could have gotten more miles but just didn't want it bad enough to be miserable in the wet cold night.  Glad other people could place in the race and have some of the cool art work offered by Aravaipa.  They earned it in the rain although some people finished their races earlier as they started on the first day so they didn't get to experience the mud fest.  Lesson number whatever.  Be prepared for any weather (could have used another pair of shoes with all the wet) and learn how to readjust goals without throwing in the towel.  I will need a strong B goal to switch to when the A goal is lost.  I went straight to the C goal too early.  I did get lots of bonus miles so my 1000 mile jacket is only 93 miles away.  Next year will be better.  Glad to be able to finish my 20th hundred or more mile event.  Happy new year.  May your lessons serve you well.

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