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Across The Years 48 Hour

December 30, 2012

Second Time Doing 48 Hour Event

I got heartburn really bad after a quesadilla on the first day and had to struggle in the afternoon. The sun was out but it wasn't that warm, glad i brought lots of clothes. I wore everything I brought at some point. although it was not as cold as Oklahoma. high 20s in oklahoma, low 30s in Arizona. Felt great running the first 50, got my toes retaped, then went another 25 and needed a break, so i tried to sleep, too cold, so i went to the car and started the engine and probably got a 10-15 min nap, then decided i might as well go out and do some more. From 85- 100 was rough, but after getting the 100 in i felt good because i was just going see how much more i could do. I stayed at a hotel that was 5 min drive away, so i went back there twice. Once to take a shower and nap for an hour and the second time just to nap for an hour. so i was off course about 8 hours of the 48. You really couldn't sleep that well it was all about getting off your feet for a while and then coming back out to do more laps. It rained on us the first day but just some sprinkles, then the cloud cover went away and it got cold, so when i switched to walking in my sandals i would stop by the warming tent for 1-3 minutes to get warmed up and then take another lap. The food was good and the support was helpful. The course is tough because it is so hard and there is this sandy, dirty grit that gets into your shoes and everywhere.

I walked a lap with everyone at midnight on new years. First time in a long time that i was actually up and awake at that time. Then went back to hotel for a rest, then couldn't sleep so came back at 4 am to do some more laps. i was in 4th for most of the day and then when i came back at midnight i noticed that i had moved into third. Of course my competitive side woke up and tried to find out how far second and first were .....so i just walked and walked and ended up in second with 130 miles. Was trying for 200 KM which is 124 miles and would have been happy with 125 but all i needed was five more laps to get 2nd and so i walked those and then quit with 8 minutes left. I could have probably made it to the half way mat with those 8 minutes but then i would have had to walk back to the start and that would not have been fun. So at the end i was greeted by the winning woman with a big hug, she thanked me for not beating her as she had never won anything in her life. i thanked her because i was darn happy with my accomplishment, then i cried, for the second time, one good cry after 100 miles and another one for 130 and being done. What an emotional experience.

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