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Across The Years 48 Hour

December 31, 2011

First attempt at 100 miles.  Decided to enter the 48 hour event so I would have plenty of time to complete 100 miles.  I did great for the first 50 and then 60 and then got tired and got blisters on the feet.  Had to slow but still kept moving.  The last 20-25 miles seemed to take like forever.  I finally finished later than I expected, 28 hours and 21 minutes.  Then I sat and waited for my friends to finish.  Several of us came from the NW and we were all there for our first 100 mile event.  I was trying to help Susie finish as she was at 97 or 98 miles and decided to stop.  I reluctantly let her and later woke her up from her nap and fed her pizza.  She went straight to the medical tent to get help with her feet.  Lots of people had issues with feet because of the small cinder rock getting into everyones shoes and socks.  Susie eventually fixed her feet and did many walking laps all night long.  Meanwhile Marilou finished her hundred we both had tears in our eyes and Rick took us back to the condo.  We ate, showered and then slept.  We both woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to go back to the race.  We eventually got Rick to wake up and take us.  We both did 7 or 8 victory laps.  This was my first hundred and it made such an impact on me that I knew I would be back.

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