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Grateful Runners - Turkeys Revenge

Friday November 26, 2021

That’s right, after eating all the turkey, stuffing, pie, etc. it is time for the turkey to get some revenge and for us to recognize how grateful we are to be able to run like we do.  Run a half marathon, marathon or 50K and consider this Day Two of the famous Seattle Quadzilla.  We will be running on the Sammamish River Trail from the Bothell Landing out to Dr. Calls bench.  Single out and back for half marathoners, double out a back for marathoners and a short third time out and back for the 50K.

Early start for marathon and 50K at 6:10 AM
Regular start for marathon and 50K at 7:10 AM
Half marathon starts at 9 AM

This race is part of the Thanksgiving Quadzilla and Quadzuki.

Click here to register for this event at Databar

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