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Please note: Last minute course change due to trail closures

April Birthday Run - 50K, Marathon & Half Marathon

Sunday April 3, 2022


Hopefully we can celebrate Stefanie, Deb, Sue, Nicole, Monte, Susan, Jean, and Matt, anyone else?

I ran our new course this morning and it is lovely.  We will be starting at Marymoor Park at the Velodrome parking lot. This link will take you there.   https://goo.gl/maps/zDibZUNXqst2ZjnEA

We have started here before when we had another race.  It costs $1 to park.  The machines take credit cards and I will bring a lot of one dollar bills if you need one.

The course will take you out .85 miles east to the East Sammamish River Trail.  You will run out to the T and back to the start.  The second time you come to the T you will turn right and run south to where the construction starts.  There is a fence and nasty boulders so turn around and head back to the start. It is .85 miles to the T and then 5.7 miles to the construction turnaround.  .85 plus 5.7 = 6.55    6.65x2=13.1  6.55x4=26.2  Bingo!
Do this once for a half and twice for a full marathon.

Oh and by the way... Free Socks!

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In order to keep everyone healthy and safe please follow these expectations:
We will have a group start at 7:30 AM.  If you want to start earlier or later you may.
None of these courses are closed.  So please follow the traffic signals and be safe.  Also, the course will be lightly marked so follow the directions or run with a friend who knows where they are going.
We should all be finished by 3 PM.  We will collect times when you finish
Suggested donation, $25. I will have a wood-al (metal) for you when you finish.  Key Lime pie both vegan/gluten free and regular will be at the finish for you.
Run and have fun!


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