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West Seattle Beach Run - Fat Ass

Sunday February 11, 2024


Course Directions:


This course starts in Magnolia down behind the Interbay golf course near the train tracks.  You will park on the local streets and begin your run at Thorndyke Ave W. and 20th Ave W<https://goo.gl/maps/nNjRSFgg8HJ3jCsj7>.  You will run down the 20th Ave W. road and see the trail straight ahead of you.  Follow the Elliot Bay Trail south all the way to Myrtle Edwards Park and the Sculpture Park where the trail spits you out onto Alaskan Way.  Continue South on Alaskan Way even though MapMyRun wants you to leave Alaskan Way, stay on it until you see a trail on your right, take this trail, the Elliot Bay Trail.  Stay on the trail and Alaskan Way until it turns into E. Marginal Way.  Before Spokane St. the trail goes to the right to head West.  The trail now becomes West Seattle Bridge Trail and will take you up and over the lower West Seattle Bridge.  Follow the trail until you take a Right on Harbor Ave. W.  You will now follow this trail all the way to South West Seattle and Lincoln Park.  Just past the Colman Outdoor Pool in Lincoln Park you will turn around and return the same way you came.  Only 50K people go to Lincoln Park.

The Marathoners will turn around just past the Me-Kwa-Mooks Park at S.W. Jacobson Rd.  This is not marked so please look for street signs and turn around.

If you are doing the half marathon, you would turn around at the Duwamish Waterway just when the trail turns in to the West Seattle Bridge Trail.  This is not marked so use your watch and do the mileage.

If you have not already told me you are running then please email me at bcjill@msn.com.  Thank you, let’s Run And Have FUN!


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