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Spring Has Sprung Run

Sunday March 21, 2021


For this jaunt we are going to start at Marymoor Park by the Velodrome and run all the way around Lake Sammamish.  The first 10 or so miles are flat and easy breezy.  Then on the other side of the lake there are some nice rollers.  Don't forget to stop at the Little Store for a snack or to refill your water bottles.  Finally, the lake is only 22 miles around so we will have to do an out and back on the Sammamish River trail.  Let's run on one side of the river out and come back on the other side to enter Marymoor and finish where you started.


Coronavirus COVID-19 Expectations

In order to keep everyone healthy and safe please follow these expectations:

  1. Start in small groups of no more than five people sometime between 7-8 AM.
  2. Wear a face covering at the start and finish and anytime you encounter others and cannot be six feet apart.
  3. None of these courses are closed.  So please follow the traffic signals and be safe.  Also, the course is not marked so either download the map on your phone to follow or follow the directions provided once you register.
  4. To register, email me your Name, Age on race day, birthdate, and city you are from.  Indicate which distance you want to run.   Bcjill@msn.com
  5. We should all be finished by 3 PM.  Please send me your time and evidence you ran the course, GPS, Strava, etc.
  6. Suggested donation, $20. I will have a wood-al (metal) for you when you finish.
  7. Run and have fun!

Karma Knot

Course Directions:


For the Marathon we will start our Lake Sammamish Loop from the Velodrome Parking Lot on the east side of Marymoor Park.  Go east on the trail through the park until you come to a T in the trail and take a right heading south on the East Lake Sammamish Trail.  You will stay on this trail as it follows the lake all the way to Lake Sammamish Park.  At SE 56th St. take a Right.  You are now on NW Sammamish Road which will take you along the park.  Stay on this road as it turns into West Lake Sammamish Parkway.  Run on the left side of the road facing traffic to be safe.  When you come to a roundabout, stay on West Lake Sammamish Parkway.  Stay on the left side of this road where there is a wide shoulder.  If you do not see the lake on your right you are off course.  At mile 14.6 you will see a little store called the Little Store.  Stop in for a snack or drink as this is your aid station.

When you reach Bel Road, take a right to continue on West Lake Sammamish Parkway.  At NE 58th Ct. you can cross over the road and take the trail that parallels the road.  You are now getting close to Marymoor however you are not done yet.  You will run north on the west side of the Sammamish River until to see the Puget Power Trail on your left, just up ahead you will see a bridge to cross back over the trail to head south on the East Side of the Sammamish River Trail.  You return to Marymoor and back to the start by the Velodrome.  See the Map My Run course.  I thought it would be fun to run on both sides of the Sammamish River as we usually only run on the actual trail.  So have some fun!

If you are running the half marathon, then you go 6.5 miles out on the East Sammamish River Trail which has you turning around near Sulfur Springs Point at SE 26th St.

If you would like to make a 50K out of it, just head north another 2.55 miles on the Sammamish River Trail and then return to the Velodrome parking lot where the start was.