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New Year's Triple Report

January 1 - 3, 2021

Tata 2020 Looking Forward to 2021

On Day One 30 brave souls took on a New Year's Day challenge of following a route through Seattle and hoping to beat the rain and wind. Some were successful while some had an adventure finding the course. Still others enjoyed the course and shopping at Pike Street Market. It was a fun day if you finished early as you got to see a lot of the Seattle sites. If you finished late, you got to see a lot of Seattle sites and you were treated to a soaking by our typical Seattle rain. I was impressed with the photos people posted on Facebook. You all get an A for the day!

On Day Two 29 people stepped up to the challenge even though the weather report was annoying. Wind and rain were predicted and it definitely happened. Going out to Dr. Calls bench on the second out and back was intense. My garbage bag helped and it was stylish even if I do say so myself. Day Two of a triple can be challenging just because the legs are not what they were on Day One. Scotty left his legs on the Golden Garden stairs from Day One. Eagles were sighted along the course. All good fun was had while getting wet and cold.

On Day Three 17 people stepped up to the plate. While it was colder at the start and it was windy and rainy in the morning, the sun came out and treated runners to rainbows. In fact Shawn found the end of the rainbow at the turn around near Rite Aid. Congrats to Rick Haase on his 44th year of completing a marathon. Congrats to Scooby Dog who finished his first double half marathon. Woodals were finally given to the 12 triplers. Choice of woodals included the TaTa 2020 or the Dumpster Fire for 2020. You got to decide how we can finally put 2020 away.

Even though the weather was a bit awful for the New Year'sTriple it could have been worse. I so appreciate starting off the year 2021 with a few miles in the bank and smiles from my running friends. Hopefully this will set everyone up for a fun year ahead of more running.

Stay tuned for future events. Right now we have the Freaking February Fun Run posted on the website for February 6. We are looking at a new course from Lake Sammamish Park to Preston and then out to Snoqualmie Overlook. For the March 7 race the course looks like a single out and back. Possibly a loop around Lake Sammamish for the March 21 race. Stay tuned...and as always feedback is welcome. Results are posted on the website www.hudsonbeeks.com and if there are any corrections needed to the results, just let me know.

Stay well and run to have fun!