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New Year's Triple - Day One Marathon & 50K

Friday, January 1, 2021


This will truly be an adventure through Seattle.  Take pictures if you want, I won't be checking your homework, I'm retired.  You will pass by some of Seattle's iconic places so take in the view and don't run too fast or you miss out on all there is to see.


Coronavirus COVID-19 Expectations

In order to keep everyone healthy and safe please follow these expectations:

  1. Start in small groups of no more than five people sometime between 7-8 AM.
  2. Wear a face covering at the start and finish and anytime you encounter others and cannot be six feet apart.
  3. Bring your own water and snacks for the first 13 miles.  I will have support for you at the half way mark of the marathon.  There will be hand sanitizer available, please use it prior to getting water or snacks.
  4. None of these courses are closed.  So please follow the traffic signals and be safe.  Also, the course is not marked so either download the map on your phone to follow or follow the directions provided once you register.
  5. To register, email me your Name, Age on race day, birthdate, and city you are from.  Indicate which distance you want to run.   Bcjill@msn.com
  6. We should all be finished by 3 PM.  Please send me your time and evidence you ran the course, GPS, Strava, etc.
  7. Suggested donation, $20. I will have a wood-al (metal) for you when you finish.
  8. Run and have fun!


New Year's Triple, Day One, Course Information

Follow the Map My Run course.

The Map My Run program doesn't always allow me to identify the easiest route.  There are two places where you can just go the logical way, across the Montlake Bridge and over 520 and when you go across the Fremont bridge and down the stairs back to the Burke Gilman trail.  Map My Run has you crossing the streets and doing all sorts of things, just go the shortest route to stay on course.  Know that the first half is a little long and the second half is a little short so at the end you will be going to the top of the Gasworks Hill to get the correct mileage.  You will get to visit your cars at the approximate halfway point which is Gasworks Park.  If you are doing the 50K, just run a loop around Green Lake and an extra out and back at the end to get your mileage.

Start at Gasworks Park
Meridian Ave. N. and N. Northlake Way, Bathrooms are open.
Head west, First stop is the Troll under the Aurora bridge.  To get to the Troll you have to get off the Burke Gilman at Stone Way and go on 34th street for a few blocks, head right up the hill under the Highway 99 or Aurora Bridge.  The hill up to the Troll will warm you up.  After visiting the troll head left or west on 36th street so you can go by the Lenin Statue and then by Theo's Chocolates, come back sometime for their tour as they are quite informative and you get to eat a lot of free chocolate.  You will know you are getting back to the Burke Gilman trail when you go by some large dinosaur bushes next to the cut where many people row boats.

Continue heading west and follow the trail.  If you know the backway of the missing link on 54th St. take it, otherwise follow the trail where it appears to stop at Market Street and 24th, take a left and they have created a trail heading by the Locks and then all the way out to Golden Gardens.  There are porta potties and real bathrooms in the building which is off course.  Near the porta potties you will see a small tunnel, go through this and up the hill.  A few tenths up the hill you will see some stairs on the left, take these.   And continue taking the stairs or a dirt trail up until you pop out at Fiore Coffee on 85th and 32nd.  You made it up 290 stairs. Congrats!

Head right or south on 32nd.  At 77th take a right to take you over to Sunset Park where on a nice day the view of the Olympics is stunning.  You can also see the lighthouse at Discovery Park from this viewpoint.  Head down 34th street all the way back to the Burke Gilman trail and go left.  Go by the Ballard Locks stay on the trail that is next to Market Street.  Stay on Market St. all the way to 3rd Ave NW, take a left on 3rd. Right on 65th.  If you know where Matt and Betsy live run by their house.  Right on Woodland Pl. N.  to Green Lake.  You will only go a bit around Green Lake until you get to the ball fields.  Follow Green Lake Way to Stone Ave and then Stone will take you back to the Burke Gilman trail and Gasworks Park.  This is the end of the first half, a little long so the second half will be shorter.  (If you are going to run a 50K take a lap around Green Lake and then your out and back at the end will only be about one mile.

The second half of this marathon includes many more sites to see.  Head north on the Burke Gilman trail from Gasworks.  You will navigate by Husky Stadium and over the Montlake Bridge where you get a great view of the Montlake cut, look down while on the bridge.  After Montlake bridge, stay left and cross over 520 Highway.  Take your next Left on E. Lake Washington Blvd.  This road will take you into the Arboretum.  When you get into the Arboretum you will see a trail on the left side of Lake Washington Blvd that parallels it.  Take this trail all the way to Madison St.  About half way through the Arboretum there is a porta pottie right next to the trail.  Go right on Madison St, which turns into E. Madison St.  Go up a really big hill, enjoy a long walk break.  Near the top of the hill there is a Trader Joes and a PCC.  Next you will see E. Pine St., take a Right on E. Pine St.  You are now entering the CHOP or CHAZ where all the action happened during the protests.  Slow down and take it all in.  You will see the E. Police Precinct and a lot of art on the boarded up windows of businesses.  You will also see the artistic Black Lives Matter painting on E. Pine St.  Stay on E. Pine St and it will turn into Pine St. as you go over I-5.  Paramount Theatre, the place of many great shows and concerts is on your left.  Pine St. will take you through downtown Seattle.  Hopefully all of the holiday lights will still be up.  Pine St. takes you right into the Pike Street Market.  Take a right and you should see the original Starbucks and other places to get snacks in the market.  Enjoy the views of the waterfront.

Once you leave the Pike Street Market you are heading North and will go on Elliot Ave for just a few blocks to Bell St.  Go left over the pedestrian overpass at Bell St. (Pier 66) and down the stairs to the waterfront and Alaskan Way.  Head north on Alaskan Way to the Sculpture Park along the waterfront.

You will run through the Sculpture Park and into Myrtle Edwards Park.  You will see the new pedestrian overpass in the park and you want to take this on the right.  At the end of the pedestrian overpass you will go straight ahead up to Mercer St.  Be careful as there is the home of the Church of Scientology, don't get taken in there.

Once up to Mercer St., go right or east all the way past the Seattle Center, under Highway 99 and take a left on 9th St.  This will take you to Lake Union.  You will see the Museum of History and Industry, great place, come back for a visit later.  There is a nice paved path along Lake Union and next to Westlake Ave.  Take this path all the way to the Fremont Bridge, cross the bridge, take the stairs down to the Burke Gilman trail, follow the trail east back to Gasworks Park.  Run up to the top of the hill in Gasworks Park, great view of downtown Seattle and Lake Union.  Run back to the Start by my Red Mazda at Meridian Ave N. and N. Northlake Way.  Yay!  You made it and if you got lost it was all part of the adventure.