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Rona Skinny Ass Marathon and 50K

October 10, 2020 (7 AM - 3 PM)


Rona because we are all tired of the Coronavirus or COVID-19.  The CDC director has stated that any vaccine will only be 50-70% effective so we will need to continue to wear face coverings for the near future and we all want to start seeing each other and racing again, safely.

Skinny Ass is because there will be “skinny” amount of support.  You may need to go to local stores to get what you need during the race or just bring what you need.  I might have water at the turnaround of the marathon and at Gasworks.  No fees, no medal, little support, you are on your own.  I will provide directions and a map and see if you can follow it as the course will not be marked.  Tee hee :)

General Course Information:  Marathon - Start at Gasworks (Meridian Ave. N. and N. Northlake Way), run to Husky Stadium then over the 520 bridge on the beautiful pedestrian path through Bellevue.  Run on the trail when you can and on the sidewalks when no trail is available and stop near Marymoor Park in Redmond before crossing Lake Sammamish Parkway and then run back to Gasworks.  The 50K continues after the marathon from Gasworks Park going west to Fred Meyer and back to start.  Overachievers will run up the Gasworks hill for a nice view and sense of accomplishment.  Once you enter I will send you the official map of the course to follow.

COVID-19  has wreaked havoc on our ability to run actual races so we are trying something to see if it is feasible for our continued efforts to rack up numbers for Maniac and other stats.  The Maniacs have set up new guidelines that  give us permission to do this and it counts as an official race.

Please do not participate if you have any symptoms of COVID-19.  Wear a mask or face covering when within 6 feet of others.  Our transmission rate in Seattle is low and we want to keep it that way.  Bring hand sanitizer and use it.  Do not stand close to others at the start.  Just show up between 7 and 8 am and start when you want, no clumping at the start.  Keep track of your own time and either take a picture of your watch or send me your gps, Garmin, or Strava link so I know you did the distance.  Keep your watch running the whole time, no stopping the clock for potty breaks or store visits as this is a real race.

Entry and Results:  Email me with your name, birthdate, age, city you live in, gender and whether you are doing the marathon or 50K.  No half at this point so don’t even ask. (Of course after the race you will have to send me your time and a link with your results.)  I will post results to a website to make the run official.

Email:  bcjill@msn.com

We are trying this out and if all goes well I will set up other events for November and December.

Be good, keep apart and wear a mask when near people.  Let’s run and have some fun.



Maniac 535



Name Age Gender Time Note
Scott Sebelsky 59 M 4:26:46
Number 300!
Jenny Appel 46 F 5:17:14
Jill Hudson 58 F 5:17:15
Brian Simpson 53 M 5:30:40
Kendra Hensley 56 F 6:46:51
Monte Pascal 60 M 6:46:52
Margaret Barrett 61 F 6:47:46
Cat Schwartz 60 F 6:47:46
Tara Simpson 53 F 6:48:08
Becci Walkling 49 F 6:48:08
Keith Hudson 61 M 7:25:06
Susie Ro 49 F 7:25:06
Scooby Dog M 7:25:06
First Marathon!