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P.A.C.K Pie Quad Report

November 26 - 29, 2020 (or is it still Y2K 2000?)

If you know me, I like to write race reports to capture the memories after running a hundred miles.  This is a little different and I still want to capture in brief the moments we had together this weekend.
This started out as a triple event with pumpkin, apple and chocolate cream, PAC.  Then my friend Jess said why not make it a quad with key lime, PACK.  So there you have it, a little help from friends make for wack a doo decisions about running all the miles.

About 25-30 runners participated each day in either a marathon, 50K or half marathon.  On day one the weather was rainy and the course had a few hills but the runners managed to find the course, well except one.  Day two brought sunshine and some faster times however lots of others were out so we used our buffs and masks to keep each other safe.  Many of us took a moment on the Sammamish River Trail to recognize who created the original Call of the Wild, First Call and Last Call courses.  Day three looked okay but of course never trust the weather in Seattle in November so naturally it rained and got a bit windy however nothing like previous ghost marathons.  Fun fact Rick and I have run the ghost course since the late 1970s.  Finally on day four it got cold and foggy and we didn’t get to see the beautiful views unless you took all the time to run the new trail.  There really are nice views of Lake Washington, trust me, we will have to run this course again to find them.  The softer surface sure felt better than the pavement of the last three days but still the legs were quite spent.

A few injuries and a few people changing their mind about half’s, 50Ks and marathons, what the heck, run what you like, just be happy.  So many successful runners, lots of pictures taken and even a few zip line moments at a playground.

Pie was eaten, even some vegan treats.  Some spoiling of Aurora happened which was okay as she sat for four days collecting times.  Don’t worry she is getting compensated for her work.  Also she is most grateful for those who shared some special treats.  Some burgers were inhaled by the co-race directors Aurora and Jill.  Not really sure what they tasted like but they must have been good as they disappeared quickly.  I appreciate Aurora for supporting her silly Mom in all this.  I appreciate my husband Chris for his support and repacking the truck each night after we made a mess of it.  Running a quad is fun, even race directing is fun.  To do both you need uncomplicated runners and a supportive family.  Thanks brother Keith for being there with the teenager while her mom does what she loves.

Thank you to all the runners who supported themselves or at least needed only minimal support as that is what made these skinny ass Rona events successful.  Thank you for eating a lot of pie.  I can see now I will need to increase my mileage as we still have a lot of pie left.  Everyone is a winner in my book that is why everyone gets pie and of course the best woodals around, thank you Matt.

Now on to the awards.  Basically this is just recognition for something special you did. You know you are all “special” for running the cray cray miles you do but some of you have some special moments that need to be recognized.  If you have a special award just add it to the list.