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Fat Ass Pigtails Run

Saturday, December 12, 2020

7 AM - 3 PM

Originally this was put on by none other than Pigtails, AKA Van Phan.  After ten years she passed the reins to Monte who hosted the race for five years.  The new race director, April, unfortunately took over during COVID-19. She has had to make the event virtual for 2020.

I have run this event 8 years and volunteered for 5 years.  So naturally I feel a need to run this event.  With permission of the new race director, we can have a Fat Ass event on the course on race day as we are just some random people running on the same course on the same day.  Don’t try this unless you know the course or are running with someone who does as the course will not be marked.  Follow all safety protocols during this pandemic.  Send me your times via email (bcjill@msn.com) and it will count for maniac stats.  Run the marathon or 50K.

This is a Fat Ass event meaning no fee, no support, no whining, just run.  There is a Starbucks near the halfway point where you could get water and snacks.  There may be some water angels on the course but no promises.

So to make this official as a pop up race we need five people to complete the course and for me to hang out from 7 am to 3 pm, and post results, which I can do.  To make it a regular race we need 15 to start and 10 to finish.  Who is in?

Email me, your name, age on race day, city you live.



Course information

Start is near Landsburg Park in Maple Valley. Park at the big parking lot of Landsburg Park and then walk across the bridge that goes over Cedar River and to the right is the gate. Start at the gate and run 1/2 mile out and 1/2 mile back. (At the turn around you should see a thick metal yellow pole about 3 feet high.) When you return to the gate go left and return across the bridge to the Cedar River Trail. You will stay on the Cedar River trail for approximately 12.6 miles to the turn around at 150th Lane SE. This is just past the part where you go right to stay on the trail and go through an underpass at 154th Place SE. If you need aid you should see a Starbucks across the 169 Highway, use the signals to cross and get what you need. Return on the Cedar River Trail to the Landsburg Park to finish the marathon.

If you are doing the 50K, you will do an extra out and back on the Green to Cedar River Trail veering right at the trail intersection and running past SE 253rd Pl. to the benches seen where there are stairs on the right down to South Lake Wilderness Dr. SE. Don't go down the stairs, just turn around at the bench. Run back and take a right back onto the main Cedar River Trail for just under 5 more miles to get the 50K.

Here is a map my run link for the marathon, however it is wonky and has you go off the Cedar River trail at one point, don't do this.