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Apple Pie Marathon & 50K

Friday, November 27, 2020


Run an old favorite course on the Sammamish River trail in honor Adrian Call. 

The race will begin at the Bothell Landing Park and go over the new bridge.  We will run to Dr. Call's bench, run back to the start and repeat for a double out and back marathon.  Again, use your car as an aid station however I will have water and snacks at the start finish. 

Enjoy apple pie at the finish.


Coronavirus COVID-19 Expectations

In order to keep everyone healthy and safe please follow these expectations:

  1. Start in small groups of no more than five people sometime between 7-8 AM.
  2. Wear a face covering at the start and finish and anytime you encounter others and cannot be six feet apart.
  3. Bring your own water and snacks for the first 13 miles.  I will have support for you at the half way mark of the marathon.  There will be hand sanitizer available, please use it prior to getting water or snacks.
  4. None of these courses are closed.  So please follow the traffic signals and be safe.  Also, the course is not marked so either download the map on your phone to follow or follow the directions provided once you register.
  5. To register, email me your Name, Age on race day, birthdate, and city you are from.  Indicate which distance you want to run.   Bcjill@msn.com
  6. We should all be finished by 3 PM.  Please send me your time and evidence you ran the course, GPS, Strava, etc.
  7. Suggested donation, $20. I will have a wood-al (medal) for you when you finish.
  8. Run and have fun!


Day 2 - Apple Pie Route - Sammamish River Trail

Mapmyrun has a feature that if you load the link onto your phone it will show you a map and help you stay on course.  You may want to download Mapmyrun app to your phone and then load the route so you can access it on race day.


The New Bridge is not Open so we will begin the race north of the bridge on the other side of the trail from Bothell Landing.  That means you will need to cross over the Sammamish River and park at the Sammamish River Park off 102nd Ave NE.  Then you will walk back to the bridge and another several hundred feet to the pink start/finish line.
Just after one mile on the trail you will go down a steep hill, veer right to go over a bridge to continue on the Sammamish River Trail.  (If you end up at the UW Bothell campus then you get bonus mileage.)  You know you are on the correct trail as it will take you under highway 405, just keep going on the trail. 

At about 2.5 miles the trail takes you through the Wilmot Gateway Park where there is a bathroom and water filling station.  Use it if needed and remember this for the way back when you might be thirsty.

Stay on the trail, heading south for a long time.  Just after 6 miles you will see several large fields on your left, 60 Acres Park.  This means you are getting close to the turn around.  You will go under 116th Ave St. and then just a few tenths of a mile further you will see a bench on your left.  This is Dr. Call's Bench.  Turn around here.  Run back to the start. 

If you are doing the half you only do one out and back.  If you are doing the full marathon you get to do the out and back twice.  If you are doing the 50K then you get to go out and back a third time to the bathroom, going all the way to the end of the concrete bulkhead before heading back to the start.

Water and snacks will be available for you at the start/finish and half way point of the marathon.